Projects at Jagadguru Kripalu University Partnered with Dr. Dash Foundation

Jagadguru Kripalu University (JKU)

  • Dr. Dash is the Chancellor, Co-Founder, and Chairman of the Board of Directors at the JK University.
  • He is extremely passionate about this project. In his own words : “I look forward to bringing new ideas to continue to create opportunities for students to excel”.
  • To understand the magnitude and the grandness of this massive project , please visit :

JKU Health & Wellness Center

  • The Health and Wellness Center is being designed as a Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) per the guidelines of the Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS).
  • It is expected to serve around 50,000+ people from the rural area around the Cuttack-Banki highway.
  • This remodeled clinic will reopen per the guidelines of the Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS).
  • The Ambulatory Clinic and the remodeled clinic are inaugurated in Jan 2021.
  • It now includes a comfortable lounge for patients, a fully equipped diagnostic lab, maternal and child healthcare services among the new value adds.

Jagadguru Kripalu Skill Institute

Yuva Urja (Centre for Youth)

  1. This is a unique one-of-a-kind initiative in the State of Odisha. It will have several short term technical courses for the girls & boys who could not complete their school education due to various reasons.
  2. They will be trained in various technical skills with a holistic touch that will make them to be employable and thus earn their living .

Swabhimaan (Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship)

  1. This project is targeted to support entrepreneurs from the rural areas to turn their dreams into reality.
  2. It aims to fill the gap between their vision and the technical & financial support they will need to turn it into a reality.

Samaj Kalyan

  1. This is a Centre for CSR Initiatives that aims to bring together the industry to support the Yuva Urja center of JKU.
  2. We are at different stages of MOU signing with companies in diverse industries for including courses to cater to the needs of this project.
  3. Technical courses include but are not limited to teaching essential computer softwares, courses for different skills like carpentry,electrical,masonry,construction etc.